The Clannahan Classic is a club funded tournament named after one of Green Pastures founders and past champion, N.C. Clannahan. N.C. passed away on December 24th, 2006 after a hard fight with cancer. N.C. meant a lot to the success of Green Pastures and touched many of our members. We miss him dearly.

Clannahan Classic Hall of Champions

2004 Rick Bennett,    2005 N.C. Clannahn,   2006 Ryan Ward,       2007 Jerry Howard,   2008 Aaron Cash,       2009 Rick Williams,    2010 Dustin Gilliam,  2011 Jeremy Allen,     2012 Boyd Gibbs,    

2013 Phillip Bailey,    2014 Gary Goade,      2015 Zach Walker,   2016 Kerry MIller,      2017 Danny Pool        2018 Rick Williams    2019 Jason Phillips  2020 Matt Pennell       2021 BAILEY NEUDORF

2022 Coy Callison     2023 Glen Mccullough



The Clannahan Classic is a tournament held for those members that have supported the club. To qualify for the 2024 Clannahan Classic, a member must fish 5 tournaments in the year 202




The 2024 Classic will be in

May 18  2025

The winner of the Classic will not only win money but become a Lifetime member of GP Bass Club, have his/her name put on the Classic Trophy (On display at BUBBY'S), and a custom Rod by Boyd's Custom Rods.





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