GREEN PASTURE BASS CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Name:________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________Cell:_________________________________ E-Mail:______________________________________________________________________ Family Members Name(s) 1:___________________________________2:_______________________________________ 3:___________________________________ 4:_______________________________________ Membership fees of $20.00 per year per family: Date Paid:____________________________ A family is defined as any member of a household that lives with the member to include spouse, children and any children in college or armed services. ______________________________________________________________________________ I agree to follow All Federal, State, and Local laws while fishing any Green Pastures Fishing Tournaments and the rules of the Green Pastures Bass Club. I hereby release the Green Pastures Bass Club, its directors and members of any and all liabilities and fully understand that I am responsible for my actions. All Jr members must fish with a Parent or Guardian and are the sole responsibility of the Parent or Guardian. In case of bad weather it is the individuals decision to fish or not. The Green Pastures Bass Club, its directors or members will not be responsible for any accidents resulting from fishing any of its tournaments. I agree to all terms of membership to the Green Pastures Bass Club. Members Signature:_____________________________________________________________

Directors: Boyd Gibbs P.O. Box 16908 Lubbock Tx 79490 Cell 806-787- 4206
Don Jones 806-831-2812

Board Members: Dustin Gilliam 80-777-5693, Aaron Cash 806-781-5517, Boyd Gibbs 806-787-4206, Glen McCullough 806-787-9959, Erik Atkins 806-577-2026, Gary Goade 806-474-7205

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Green Pasture Bass Club

3807 24th street
Lubbock, 79410


Phone: +1 806 806-787-4206 +1 806 806-787-4206


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